US in talks with Pak to use airspace for military operations in Afghanistan: Report

US in talks with Pak to use airspace for military operations in Afghanistan: Report

The United States, which completed its troop withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 30, a day before a self-declared deadline to exit that country, signed an agreement with Pakistan to continue its military operations in the war-torn nation. is close to, the Biden administration informed US lawmakers, according to a report. The report said that once formalized, US forces will use Pakistan's airspace for operations in neighboring Afghanistan.

CNN, citing sources, reported that Islamabad wants a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to be signed in return for aid in its own counter-terrorism efforts, although the terms of the deal, though not yet final. Forms have not been given, yet may change. The deal was discussed during a recent visit by some US officials to Islamabad, though it is not yet known what Pakistan wants or how much Washington is willing to accept.

Currently, the said airfield is used by US troops for their ongoing intelligence operations in Afghanistan. However, Washington needs a formal agreement within the airspace to ensure continued access to a vital air corridor that is necessary for its forces to reach Afghanistan. The importance of this section is highlighted by the fact that it will become even more important when the United States resumes its flights to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to evacuate Americans and others.

In the absence of any formal agreement, the US faces the prospect of Pakistan denying entry to former military aircraft and drones headed for Afghanistan.

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan ended their 20-year-old military presence there. The Taliban, which seized power in Kabul on August 15, is ruling the country for the second time.  


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