Taliban took revenge after promising apology

Taliban took revenge after promising apology

There is mounting evidence that the Taliban is cracking down on dissent in Afghanistan and retaliated, even as its leadership has promised an apology, adding urgency to global efforts to evacuate those most at risk.

German media organization Deutsche Welle said Friday that fighters of the radical group were searching for journalists in Kabul and other provinces.

A Norway-based private intelligence group that provides information to the United Nations said it has evidence the Taliban have blacklisted Afghans they believe have been involved in the past. Worked with Afghan administration or US-led forces, and that mass executions could happen.

And Amnesty International said it had witnessed the killing of nine ethnic minority members in July and warned of the possibility of more killings if the Taliban took control.

The reports came even as thousands of people desperate to flee the country were still gathering at the airport, according to an official who spoke to Reuters, even though the Taliban had asked people without legal travel documents to go home. Have requested and started blocking Access to the airport.

"The Taliban is intensifying its search for all individuals and allies with the former regime, and failing that, targeting and arresting families, according to its interpretation of Sharia law", said a report released by RHIPTO Norwegian on Wednesday. punish". Global Analysis Center.

"Particularly at risk are persons holding central positions in the military, police and investigative units", it added.

Tens of thousands of people have yet to be evacuated before the United States' August 31 deadline for troop withdrawal. The desperation has been captured in images and video from the airport, where people boarded a taxing US military plane, as several people - including an Afghan national player - were left to their deaths.

On Thursday, officials in the UK told Sky News that people were passing barb wire over airport fences in an attempt to bring their children, including infants, to safety outside the country.

A US defense official said about 5,700 people, including about 250 Americans, were evacuated from Kabul in 16 C-17 transport planes. In total, more than 18,000 people have been evacuated from Kabul since the Taliban captured the Afghan capital, a NATO official told Reuters.

A Taliban spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Reuters reported. Since the capture of Kabul, the Taliban have sought to present a more liberal face to the world, saying they want peace and will not take revenge on old enemies.

The four-page report reproduced a letter it said was written to an alleged aide who was taken from his Kabul apartment this week and questioned over his role as a counter-terrorism officer in the previous government. was detained for.

Reuters could not independently verify its authenticity.

The letter from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Military Commission on Monday noted that the detainee had traveled to the UK as part of his role "which indicates that you have excellent relations with the US and the British".

“If you do not report to the commission, your family members will be arrested instead. You and your family members will be treated on the basis of Sharia law”, the letter said.

The prisoner's name was modified.

Separately, a senior member of the deposed administration's security forces sent a message to reporters saying the Taliban had obtained secret national security documents and that the Taliban was arresting former intelligence and security personnel.

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