WHO said unequal access to vaccines is fuelling a two-track pandemic

WHO said unequal access to vaccines is fuelling a two-track pandemic

World Health Organization (WHO) chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged nations to vaccinate a minimum of 10% of the population by September, asserting that failure to vaccinate in some countries will impact all countries globally. He warned that "until we end the pandemic everywhere, we'll not end it anywhere."

Ghebreyesus added that by the top of 2021 nations should vaccinate a minimum of 40% of their population, ramping it up to hide a minimum of 70% by the center of next year, reported press agency PTI.

Ghebreyesus said unequal access to vaccines is fuelling a two-track pandemic, where certain countries have achieved high levels of vaccine coverage et al. don't have access to enough vaccines, and are failing to inoculate their first responders.

"Vast inequities within the access to vaccines are fuelling a two-track pandemic. While some countries have reached a high level of coverage, many others don’t have enough to vaccinate doctors , older people & other at-risk groups," WHO director general said at the virtual India Global Forum.

“Vaccine equity isn't just the proper thing to try to to . It’s the simplest thanks to control the pandemic and reboot the worldwide economy," the WHO chief cautioned

The WHO chief once more called on G20 countries to share more vaccines to make sure developing countries have access to a minimum of 1 billion doses by the top of 2021.

“We are calling on #G20 countries to share more COVID-19 vaccine doses now, including by ensuring a minimum of 1 billion doses are shared with developing countries in 2021, starting immediately,” Ghebreyesus tweeted

We have formed a Task Force to assist track, coordinate and advance delivery of COVID19 health tools to developing countries and to mobilize relevant stakeholders and national leaders to get rid of critical roadblocks.

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