What is Kappa Variant ? Found in Uttar Pradesh

What is Kappa Variant ? Found in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has reported two cases of the Kappa variant of Covid-19, which has been confirmed by the King Geroge's Medical College where the genome sequencing of 109 samples happened . Out of those 109 samples, 107 Delta Plus variant cases are found. Some reports claimed that there are three cases of Kappa variant in Uttar Pradesh and therefore the first patient, a 66-year-old resident of Sant Kabir Nagar, has succumbed to the disease.
According to the Union health ministry's June data, there have been 3,969 Alpha, 149 Beta, 1 Gamma, and 16,238 Delta and Kappa variant cases in India. the B.1.617 lineage was first observed in Maharashtra and was "associated with an unusual rise in several districts of the state", the ministry had said about the lineage, not specifying Delta or Kappa. On Friday, Niti Aayog member (health) VK Paul said the Kappa variant in India got overshadowed by Delta.

What is Kappa Variant ? 

This is not a replacement variant. consistent with the world Health Organizations's site on tracking SARS-Cov-2, the Kappa variant was first detected in India in October 2020. The variant is identified as B.1.617.1, while Delta is represented as B.1.617.2.Is it a variant of concern?

WHO at the present has not classified this variant as a variant of concern. Like Lambda, which has already spread in 30 countries across the planet , Kappa may be a variant of interest.

Yes, like Delta, Kappa is mentioned as a double mutant due to two mutations -- EE484Q and L452R.

It was believed that the L452R mutation may help the variant to flee the body's natural immune reaction .

Are these the primary Kappa cases in India ?

No, because the Kappa variant was found in India in October 2020, it's evident that these aren't the primary instances of the variant. This variant has been found in many nations .

Difference between Delta and Kappa :-

Both the variants, belonging to an equivalent lineage of B.1.617, are found first in India in October 2020. Delta, which was a variant of interest in April 2021, became a variant of concern in May 2021. Kappa on the opposite hand remained a variant of interest, as designated last on April 4. Delta has emerged as a threat across the planet as most of this Covid-19 cases within the world are that of Delta variant. The second wave of the pandemic in India was also due to the dominance of the Delta variant. an extra mutation of Delta called Delta Plus has now emerged in many countries, including India.

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