United Kingdom must 'learn to live with this virus', says British PM Johnson

United Kingdom must 'learn to live with this virus', says British PM Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday indicated a shift in his earlier stance and said that the country would "learn to live with this virus" as he's expected to unveil mandatory measures as a private choice. Johnson, who has said Covid-19 is an enemy to be vanquished, is predicted to scrap mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing in England in fortnight , despite the surge within the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) infections due to the highly transmissible Delta variant of the virus.

Boris Johnson, during a televised press conference , signaled the replacement of mandatory preventive measures to be transformed into a matter of private choice after July 19, the date called "freedom day" by Britain's populist press. “As we start to find out to measure with this virus, we must all still carefully manage the risks from Covid and exercise judgment when going about our lives”, AP quoted Johnson as saying.

While the message is predicted to be welcomed by lockdown-sceptic lawmakers in Boris Johnson's Conservative Party , public health officials and scientists have urged caution against such scrapping of measures. they need said that the scrapping of preventive measures is dangerous.

Psychologist Stephen Reicher, a member of the united kingdom government’s scientific advisory committee, said “proportionate mitigations” against the spread of the virus should remain put, as per an AP report. “I think we'd like very clear messaging and that i think in certain spaces — crowded, badly ventilated spaces — masks are crucial mitigation”, Reicher told BBC, as per AP.

The government said Boris Johnson will address a press conference on Monday to announce the plans for rules on social distancing, wearing of masks and dealing from home after July 19, which is that the date set for the removal of remaining restrictions on business and lifestyle.

The government said during a statement that Covid-19 would “become an epidemic that we learn to live with as we already do with flu. this suggests that hospitalisations, serious illness and deaths from Covid will continue, albeit at a way lower level than before the vaccination program”.

The British government, which imposed the longest lockdown within the world, has eased restrictions for England during a gradual manner beginning from the reopening of faculties in March. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are following their own process of unlocking.

According to public health officials, the vaccination program in Britain has weakened the link between infections and fatalities. To date, 86 per cent of UK adults have received the primary dose of the vaccine and 63 per cent of the adults are fully vaccinated.

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