UK PM Johnson confirm the government's plan to cease preventive measures against covid19

UK PM Johnson confirm the government's plan to cease preventive measures against covid19

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday confirmed the government's decide to cease preventive measures against coronavirus disease (Covid-19) from July 19, with the ultimate decision to be taken next week. "We will move far from legal restrictions and permit people to form their own informed decisions about the way to manage the virus", Reuters quoted Johnson as saying. "We must be honest with ourselves that if we will not reopen our society within the next few weeks once we are going to be helped by the arrival of summer and by the varsity holidays, then we must ask ourselves when will we be ready to return to normal?" he added.

The British government is about to finish social and economic restrictions imposed to contain Covid-19 in England in fortnight , because the Prime Minister bets that the vaccination programme, which has weakened the link between infections and hospital admissions, deaths, can avoid the health services from getting overwhelmed by a replacement wave of the pandemic.

Under the new plans, nightclubs are going to be allowed to reopen with none limits on the capacity of hospitality venues. Social distancing norms also will be scrapped.

Johnson also changed the vaccine policy and said that folks aged below 40 years would be invited to require their second shot eight weeks after their first dose, instead of 12 weeks. He said this is often the simplest time to ease the Covid curbs which containment measures are going to be reimposed if necessary.

"I didn't want people to feel that this is often , because it were, the instant to urge demob happy. it's very faraway from the top of handling this virus", Reuters quoted Johnson as saying, adding that if another variant comes up that does not answer vaccines then necessary steps are going to be taken.

Opposition Labour Party leader Keir Starmer slammed the plan and said that some preventive measures are required to be imposed legally, like wearing os masks publicly transport.

"Simply throwing off all protections when the infection rate goes up is reckless", Starmer said, reported Reuters.

The new policy of Johnson's government is merely for England, and not for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland .

The vaccination programme in Britain has recorded to be strong with 86 per cent of adults vaccinated with the primary dose, while 64 per cent have received both the does, as of Monday, Reuters cited government data. Public Health England indicated that the vaccines are highly effective in preventing the Delta variant from causing severe illness, especially after both doses.

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