Trump not 'worst' US president, Obama in top 10 in historians' rankings

Trump not 'worst' US president, Obama in top 10 in historians' rankings

The twice-impeached former US President Donald Trump isn't the worst president in American history, consistent with the fourth edition of C-SPAN’s historical presidential rankings. A cross-section of 142 historians and “professional observers of the presidency” ranked the 44 former presidents of the us , results of which were published on Wednesday.

Trump entered the list for the primary time after losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden. Despite the mishandling of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and becoming the sole president in US history to urge impeached twice, the Republican entered the ranks at the 41st position, bettering three former presidents.

While Trump’s highest rankings were in ‘public persuasion’ (32) and ‘economic management’ (34), he was ranked last for ‘moral authority and administrative skills’.

Former President Barack Obama, who released his memoir ‘A Promised Land’ last year, moved to 10th place from his earlier 12th ranking in 2017. George W. Bush also continued his steady incline, from 36 in 2009 to 33 in 2017 and getting the simplest position of 29 since he entered the list. Clinton , on the opposite hand, lost four places to 19 within the latest edition after rising to 15th place in 2009 from 21st in 2000.

“It's interesting, particularly at the highest and bottom of the list, how little significant movement there has been. against this , the living presidents seem far more likely to fluctuate,” presidential historian Richard Norton Smith said during a statement.

“It's almost as if there was a boomerang effect where historians go overboard a touch when presidents quit and that they are at the nadir of their partisan reputation, then they graduate to a less political status," he added.

Abraham Lincoln remains at the highest spot in presidential rankings, followed by Washington , Franklin D. Roosevelt, Roosevelt , and Dwight D. Eisenhower. The three presidents who are behind Trump on the list are Pierce , Johnson , and Buchanan .

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