Top doctor urges British government to set up COVID-19 safeguard after lockdown

Top doctor urges British government to set up COVID-19 safeguard after lockdown

Even as British government is “very likely” to finish all Covid-19 restrictions by July 19, the chief of a top doctors’ association within the uk has called upon the govt to stay in situ some compulsory safety measures to make sure that the progress made within the fight against the coronavirus disease isn't “thrown away”.

“We have made excellent progress with both the vaccination campaign and individual actions from the people across the country over the last 18 months, and therefore the government must not throw this away at this critical juncture”, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the council chair of British Medical Association (BMA), said. Dr Nagpaul further warned that the infections still rise “at an alarming rate” because of the Delta variant of Covid-19, which was first found in India last year.

The measures, which the BMA believes should remain in effect even beyond the expected date of the lifting of Covid-19 curbs, include face masks in enclosed places like conveyance , shops and healthcare settings, also as social distancing messaging for people to collect in well-ventilated places.

“The sensible, cautious measures that we are proposing are going to be vital in maintaining not just the impact of rising case numbers on people’s individual health and therefore the health services, but also in maintaining the broader damage to the economy and therefore the society, caused by even further waves, new variants and lockdowns”,
Dr Nagpaul further said.On the Delta variant he said it makes “no sense” to get rid of the restrictions in their entirety because cases are rising at an alarming rate because of a “rapid transmission” of the said variant. the increase in cases, he said, is additionally thanks to a rise in “people mixing with each other .”

In a warning for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government, Dr Nagpaul said the ministers must not “simply disregard the foremost recent, damning numbers by rushing into meeting their July 19 deadline.” consistent with BMA’s data, weekly Covid-19 cases have risen 74% over the last seven days, while the amount of latest hospitalisations has increased 55% over the previous week.

On Friday, Public Health England (PHE) released its weekly data on variants of concern (VoC). the info showed an extra 50,824 Covid-19 cases thanks to the Delta variant, a 46% rise from the previous week.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the uk has so far seen 4,871,811 cases of the coronavirus disease, of which 128,453 cases have resulted in patients’ deaths.

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