Russian ransomware group attacked again, 800 stores affected in Sweden

Russian ransomware group attacked again, 800 stores affected in Sweden

Russia-linked ransomware group REvil, accused of orchestrating cyberattacks on giant meatpacker JBS SA, struck again on Saturday attacking managed service providers (MSPs) which primarily provide IT services to small and medium-sized businesses, press agency Bloomberg reported.

The report said 20 MSPs are impacted by the ransomware attack citing Huntress Labs’ cybersecurity researcher John Hammond. Experts fear that these attacks can have a multiplying effect as hackers can access and infiltrate the purchasers of the MSPs.

In Sweden, quite 800 stores of grocery chain Coop’s couldn't open on Saturday after the attack led to a malfunction of its cash registers, Coop spokesperson Therese Knapp told press agency Bloomberg.

The recent attack has affected MSPs in 11 countries, consistent with Slovak cybersecurity firm ESET. The hackers attacked Kaseya Ltd, a Miami-based developer of software employed by these MSPs. The attack was orchestrated to attack Kaseya’s customers.

“What makes this attack stand out is that the trickle-down effect, from the managed service provider to the tiny business. Kaseya handles large enterprises all the way to small businesses globally, so ultimately, it's the potential to spread to any size or scale business,” Hammond was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

Kaseya said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been notified and it's identified a minimum of 40 customers impacted by the attack. The president of Avtex LLC, one among MSPs suffering from the breach, George Demou said that the attack appears to be a worldwide supply chain hack as many MSPs are targeted.

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