EcolAgro Venture Pvt Ltd– India’s has smart waste utilization solution

EcolAgro Venture Pvt Ltd– India’s has smart waste utilization solution

Daily, India produces quite 1.50 lakh metric tonne (MT) of solid waste. Municipalities are burdened with removing the unimaginable amount of waste using the normal age-old methods that are harmful and redundant within the current scenario. Over the years microbiology has emerged as an excellent thanks to create smart solutions to assist municipalities with tackling all this waste. it's time we start brooding about future solutions for handling solid waste with companies like EcolAgro Venture Private Limited.

This company was founded with the beliefs of two passionate environmentalists, Mr Jitendra Kumar Singh who may be a well-known microbiologist known for being the ‘Mushroom Man of India’, thanks to his invaluable contributions in its farming. it's also jointly owned by Mr Akash Singh, who has been an enthusiastic champion of protecting the environment, with the implementation of smart waste utilisation techniques.

With the combined vision of both the founders, EcolAgro venture private Limited believes in creating a future for India where Municipal Corporations won't be burdened by the massive amount of waste that must be handled responsibly a day .

After relentlessly working towards this goal, it can proudly be said, that EcolAgro Venture is currently the sole company in India where they convert big tons of solid waste into compost in only 10 to fifteen days. the most catalyst of this conversion is that the use of their Organic Bio-culture product. Its efficiency has been designed keeping in mind the sheer amount of waste that Municipalities need to affect , on an everyday basis. They only need a Kilogram of this product to show on the brink of , 10-12 tonnes of waste into compost – in only 10-15 days.

EcolAgro venture Pvt Ltd understands that innovation in waste management are often the backbone of sustainable development within the country. the corporate has its roots based in Lucknow, where they began their journey of handling municipal waste by finding suitable solutions through the sector of Microbiology. Their studies have led them to feasible answers regarding treatment of Waste water from differential waste water plants, oil and sludge management through microbes.

EcolAgro venture have also recently expanded their operation by collaborating with the Bhopal Municipal Corporation, where their Organic Bio-culture product has been of great help within the treatment and disposal of the collected waste. the simplest thing about composting on such an outsized scale is that, Municipalities are ready to accumulate enough compost to sell it off to farmers at extremely affordable prices.

All this compost with high NPK content is successively great for growing healthy crops; This compost is sold by Pelican International and EcolAgro Venture private limited at really low and affordable prices on to farmers and thru other online portals under the name of HEERA Agro.

The company actively works towards bringing awareness to municipalities of varied states to adopt these methods of waste disposal. With the dynamic vision of Ecolagro venture Pvt Ltd and their sustainable waste disposal methods, it's possible to eliminate the adverse effects of waste on the air and water quality. Their innovative microbial cultures also will promote additional benefits of resource extraction from waste thus contributing to greater purposes like reversing global climate change .

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