Dr. Niranjan Samani is using digital platform to raise health awareness

Dr. Niranjan Samani is using digital platform to raise health awareness

In the new-age era of the net, social media has clothed to be a huge game-changer for everybody . Professionals and businesses from every sector are utilizing social media to let their work reach a wider audience. Dr. Niranjan P Samani, a professional medical professional has been using social media wisely to impart knowledge and encourage everyone to measure a healthy and prosperous life. With an MBBS degree, the doctor is currently pursuing his master’s degree and is additionally sharing beautiful insights about maintaining healthiness in these challenging times of COVID-19.

Hailing from the Kudla region of Karnataka, Dr. Niranjan Samani’s stint on social media was due to his love for singing and acting. Besides his profession, he invested time in creating short video content and informative videos about the sector of drugs that helped him garner great fanfare over the web . the thought to become a content creator quipped his mind after completing his MBBS in 2019. With intensive research, Dr. Niranjan Samani strategized on creating videos as they have a tendency to urge good reach on social media.

On average, he curates and creates 6 to eight videos on different problems faced by people daily. Be it skin or hair related problems or issues associated with any chronic disease or queries about COVID-19, Dr. Niranjan addresses the foremost common problems during a simplified way. watching his informative content, the doctor has earned tremendous recognition over the online .

Tapping on the potential that social media has, Dr. Niranjan Samani is unarguably setting a bar for several medical professionals. He says, “I believe that social media may be a boon if used appropriately. during this digital era, social media has been instrumental in making people conscious of the persisting problems in lifestyle . I feel fortunate to share my knowledge about medicine, and zip makes me happier when people send overwhelming responses to my work”.

Surprisingly, Dr. Niranjan Samani features a profound interest in acting. His love for an equivalent is pretty evident through his videos. the type of outstanding work he's doing has truly made him a prominent name on Instagram. His family of quite 375K followers justifies the love that he has received throughout these years. he's also a story writer and is functioning his way certain short movies soon. Talking about his offline work, the doctor has been doing free treatment and checkups within the nearby areas of his hometown to spread much-needed awareness about health in such crucial times.

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