China, Iran diplomats among people on Pegasus list: report

China, Iran diplomats among people on Pegasus list: report

A number once employed by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and people of dozens of diplomats in India from countries like China and Iran are among potential targets selected by users of the Pegasus spyware programme, consistent with media reports on Monday.

Paris-based Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International have gained access to a leaked list of quite 50,000 records of phone numbers that clients of the Israeli company NSO Group, the developer of Pegasus, selected for surveillance. quite 1,000 phone numbers in India were a part of the list, consistent with 17 media outlets that examined the list. The records included a minimum of one number once employed by Prime Minister Khan which had been selected by a NSO client for surveillance, The Washington Post and Le Monde reported.

“Not surprisingly, Pakistan is that the most scrutinised country”, Le Monde said in its report.

“The numbers of Imran Khan and a number of other of his ambassadors in India appear on the list as potential targets. Dozens of other Delhi-based diplomats and ambassadors also are included, from Iran, Afghanistan, China, Nepal and Saudi Arabia”, the report added.

Hari Menon, the India head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and another foundation employee and two employees of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based in New Delhi were also on the list, The Washington Post reported.

There was no immediate response from Indian officials or the missions of the countries named within the reports. Khan didn’t answer an invitation for comment from The Washington Post.

While surveillance of phone numbers of diplomats isn't unprecedented round the world, the matter continues to be very sensitive. as an example , Pakistan’s security agencies are known to tap the phones of all Indian diplomats and officials also as those of visiting Indian journalists.

Given India’s currently strained relations with China and Pakistan, closer scrutiny of the diplomats of both countries wouldn't be surprising, experts said. However, most of the opposite countries named within the Le Monde report aren't perceived as security concerns.

NSO Group has said all its clients are sovereign governments which all exports are cleared by the Israeli government. it's also said Pegasus has been employed by some 60 intelligence and enforcement agencies in 40 countries and insisted that the spyware, which may access all data on a mobile and switch it into an audio or video recorder, is to be used only against terrorists and criminals.

The Indian government has neither confirmed nor denied licensing Pegasus and it's denied all the news reports.

However, the worldwide investigative project has alleged Pegasus was used to target politicians, ministers, civil society and rights activists and journalists.

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