China has asked the nations Covid-19 urged to build a 'Great Wall' against

China has asked the nations Covid-19 urged to build a 'Great Wall' against

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi urged the international community to return together and construct a “great wall of immunity” during a bid to battle the continued coronavirus pandemic globally. Yi insisted that a “wall of immunity” also will help affect political discrimination and convey a few collective global response to the pandemic.

"The most urgent priority is to expedite the development of the 'Great Wall of Immunity' to debar the virus, surpass political discrimination and perform international anti-pandemic cooperation." Yi said, reported Reuters.

"We should face the approaching challenges together," he added.

China has been facing intense scrutiny from the international community for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is believed to be the epicentre of the virus, has been the topic of intense scrutiny and with President Biden renewing an investigation into the ‘Lab leak theory’ , China has been left to battle the virus reception and abroad.

The US has been stringently questioning the lab’s safety and have levelled allegations against its scientists for engaging during a controversial gain of function research that manipulated viruses during a manner making them more dangerous.

Chinese President Xi Jinping during a defiant speech from atop Tiananmen Gate during the centenary celebration of the founding of the ruling Communist Party cautioned that anyone who tries to bully China “will face broken heads and bloodshed,". China watchers have suggested that none aside from the US is at the receiving end of Xi’s anger, for pushing problems with virus origin, and criticising the Communist Party’s technology policies, military expansion and human rights record.

China, which has administered about 19.47 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine domestically, till july 1, as per the national health bureau records, has been busy with vaccine diplomacy, sending shipments of its home grown vaccine to Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, South Africa , supplying quite 480 million vaccine doses to other nations.

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