BTS says they plan to become 'Bangtan Papa or Bangtan Grandpass' after 20-30 years

BTS members have revealed their future plans when asked about the legacy that the K-pop group would really like to go away behind, and whether they'd wish to see themselves performing together even '10-20-30 years' later. RM, aka Kim Nam-joon, said that they envision themselves as 'Bangtan Papas or Bangtan Grandpas or something... 20-30 years later'. BTS stands for Bangtan Boys.

The K-pop band took part in an Amazon Music live-stream event and had a conversation with host Jaeki Cho, who asked them about their future plans. aside from RM, BTS comprises Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

Replying to the question, V said, "First and foremost, if our health allows. i feel it all depends on our fitness when that point comes". Jimin added, "I'm honestly unsure if we'll be ready to handle dancing". V then said, "If we could just handle sitting down at the sofa, that'd be great". the opposite members also started discussing that in 30 years they're going to be 60.

RM said, "But our name (BTS) itself does connote the likelihood of change anytime", to which V added, "But doesn't 'so-nyum (boy)' implies that we'd like to take care of the youthful image?" RM added, "We will eventually got to embrace the change". Suga said, "We'd just need to play as a band, playing instruments".

Jungkook then added to the discussion, "I'm unsure about dancing but I definitely would like to continue singing". V said, "Perhaps when that point comes and there are new artists, I'd be playing the brass within the background". To this, Suga said, "We need to research on the way to remain musicians, long term".

Summing up, RM said, "This is us talking because we would like to try to to this for an extended time and to try to to this end of the day . We passed the so-called seven-year limits, we just had our eighth anniversary. We envision ourselves that we will be, actually, the BTS stands for Bangtan Boys and that we have plans that we will be Bangtan Papas or Bangtan Grandpas or something. Maybe 20-30 years later. that is what we would like . BTP let's go”.

Meanwhile, BTS recently treated fans to the teaser of their new song, Permission to bop . Also, Billboard announced that the band's last release Butter remained at the highest spot of the Billboard Hot 100 for the sixth week during a row. they're set to feature in NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on July 13 and 14. As per Variety, on July 13, the band will present the US television debut of Permission to bop .

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