BJP claims victory in UP block panchayat main election; PM Modi praised party workers

BJP claims victory in UP block panchayat main election; PM Modi praised party workers

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday claimed victory in elections for the posts of block panchayat chief in Uttar Pradesh , amid reports of widespread violence from various parts of the state during the polling process, which happened from 11am to 3pm. Chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that the ruling party and its allies won 635 out of 825 seats.

“Almost 85% seats went in favour of the BJP. The victory was because of the guidance and inspiration from prime minister Narendra Modi, as work was avoided any discrimination for all sections of the society. People’s inclination was towards us, and I’m happy to mention that the party’s strategy has yielded results”, Adityanath said during a news conference held at the state BJP headquarters in Capital Lucknow.

The chief minister also lauded the state committee for “peaceful and fair” polls. “Conducting such a huge election process peacefully, during a state filled with professional criminals and mafia, and where democracy was mortgaged on the idea of caste, religion and sect, is praiseworthy”, Adityanath told media persons.

Meanwhile, PM Modi took to Twitter to congratulate the chief minister and therefore the UP BJP. “The Uttar Pradesh BJP has been victorious in elections for the posts of block panchayat chiefs also . This big victory may be a reflection of the advantages people have received because of the policies of the Yogi Adityanath government, also as its pro-poor schemes. All workers of the party need to be congratulated for this victory”, a rough translation of Prime Minister Modi’s tweet, posted in Hindi, read.

Saturday’s polling was held for 476 seats as 349 candidates were declared elected “unopposed” on Friday.

Uttar Pradesh is probably going to travel to polls in early 2022 because the Adityanath-led BJP government looks to secure a second consecutive five-year term in office. within the 2017 elections, the party won quite 300 seats within the 403-seat assembly, displacing the Samajwadi Party (SP) from power.

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