'Yoga originated in Nepal': KP Sharma Oli's latest shocking claim

'Yoga originated in Nepal': KP Sharma Oli's latest shocking claim

Last year, Nepal prime minister KP Sharma Oli claimed Lord Rama was born in Nepal, and not in India.

Nepal prime minister KP Sharma Oli, whose controversial remarks last year led to friction between India and Nepal, has now claimed that Yoga originated in his country, adding that India "wasn't around" when the practice of Yoga started within the world.

"Yoga originated in Nepal, not in India. When Yoga came into existence, there was no India because it was divided into various factions," Oli said while addressing a programme held at his residence on the occasion of International Yoga Day.

He further said, "India that exists today wasn't there within the past. Divided into factions, India at that point was sort of a continent or subcontinent. Therefore, Yoga originated in Nepal but we were unable to form it popular as we never gave credit to our saints who created it. We always spoke about the contributions of our professors."

Beginning 2015, summer solstice has been observed annually because the International Day of Yoga, following the concept's inception in 2014 at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). In his address to the UN, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested observing summer solstice as Yoga Day because it is that the longest day of the year within the hemisphere , and also because the day features a special significance in many parts of the planet .

Last year, Oli had claimed Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama, was actually in Nepal and hence, the deity, too, was from the country. "Although the important Ayodhya lies at Thori, a city to the west of Birgunj, India claims that Lord Rama was born there. Therefore, we too have believed that deity Sita got married to Prince Rama of India," he claimed

Oli had also called India out for "cultural encroachment" by "creating a fake Ayodhya."

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