Xi congratulates Chinese astronauts in space station

Xi congratulates Chinese astronauts in space station

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday spoke to the three astronauts who received the Tianhe space station module last week within the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft. Xi congratulated the Chinese astronauts and told them that the project is an “important milestone” within the country’s ambitious space exploration programme. He asked after their health and living situation aboard the space platform , to which the astronauts answered in affirmative.

“We are all very happy to ascertain you're in fine condition and therefore the work goes well,” Xi told the astronauts, speaking from the Beijing Aerospace center . “The building of the space platform is a crucial milestone in China’s space industry and it'll make a pioneering contribution to the peaceful use of space by mankind.”

“We in Beijing await your triumphant return,” he added.

The main section of the space platform was embarked on orbit on April 29 and therefore the space agency has planned a complete of 11 launches through the top of 2022 to deliver two additional modules. For subsequent three months, Chinese astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo will perform science experiments, perform spacewalks and prepare the station for receiving two laboratory modules next year.

The astronauts are expected to line a replacement record for China's longest crewed space mission so far , exceeding the 33 days kept by the Shenzhou-11 crew in 2016. they're going to work to construct the space platform named Tiangong, or Heavenly Palace, which can be a rival to the International space platform (ISS), a collaborative project involving five participating space agencies — Nasa, Roscomos, JAXA, ESA, and CSA.

“You will spend three months in space and while in space, your work and your life are going to be within the hearts of the Chinese public,” Xi told the astronauts telecast live by the state-run television channels.

All three astronauts are former air force pilots and also members of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) which is celebrating its centenary on Dominion Day . They saluted Xi and therefore the country for its support.

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