Vladimir Putin, the Russian president said that he taken both doses of Sputnik-V vaccine

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president said that he taken both doses of Sputnik-V vaccine

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president on Wednesday said that he was vaccinated with Russia's Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) earlier in March and April during the annual nationwide televised phone-in show in Moscow, news agencies reported.

Putin said that he felt he needed to be protected against Covid-19 for as long as possible and also said that he didn't feel any significant side-effects barring tenderness at the jab site. “After the primary shot, I didn't feel anything in the least . About four hours later, I felt that there was some tenderness where I had received the shot. I received the second at mid-day. in the dark , I measured my temperature. It was 98.9°F. I visited sleep, once I awakened my temperature was 97.8°F. That was it,” Putin told the state .

Putin said that he's against mandatory vaccination but said that the military is getting vaccinated with Sputnik-V like him. He also defended the local authorities taking steps to make sure vaccination saying it's needed to avoid a national lockdown. “The military is getting vaccinated with Sputnik V, and in any case I'm the commander-in-chief,” Putin said. The Russian president however urged Russians to not hear rumours and attend to what the specialists are saying about the vaccine. He said it's ‘necessary’ to avoid taking note of people ‘who understand less and spread rumours’.

Putin’s comments are available the backdrop of Russia reporting a record-high number of deaths from coronavirus within the last 24 hours and as daily case tally remained above 20,000. Russia on Wednesday reported 669 deaths and 21,042 fresh cases which brought the caseload to quite 5.5 million.

The government is additionally concerned about the vaccine hesitancy among Muscovites. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier in the week admitted that Russia will fail to vaccinate 60% of the population within the autumn season. Only 16% Russians have had a minimum of one dose thus far whereas the ecu Union and therefore the us have vaccinated quite 50% and 54% of its population respectively.

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