Today will live auction of Blue Origin for July trip to space with CEO of Amazon

Today will live auction of Blue Origin for July trip to space  with CEO of Amazon

The first two berths of Blue Origin's New Shepard, a reusable rocket, has been reserved for company's owner Jeff Bezos and his brother, 

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’s space company Blue Origin is about to carry a live auction for a seat on its reusable rocket which will fly to space on July 20. Blue Origin said that quite 7,500 people from 159 countries have registered to bid for the third berth - the primary two being reserved for Jeff Bezos and his brother, Mark Bezos - on New Shepard, a launch vehicle after Shepard who made history by becoming the primary American to fly to space.

Over a month-long three-phase bidding process, including sealed and unsealed online bidding within the first two, will conclude with a live auction on Saturday. consistent with Blue Origin, the present high bid for a seat on New Shepard is at $4.8 million, which suggests the winner of the live auction will probably got to pay quite $5 million.

The US-based space company said that the winning bid amount are going to be donated to its foundation, Club for the longer term , to “inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and help invent the longer term of life in space.”

Earlier on Monday, Jeff Bezos, in an Instagram post, announced that he will visit space along side his brother, a dream he had since was five years old. "To see the world from space, it changes you. It changes your relationship with this planet, with humanity. It's one Earth. i would like to travel on this flight because it is a thing I've wanted to try to to all my life. It's an adventure, it is a big deal on behalf of me ,” said Bezos within the video.

The launch of the New Shepard booster on July 20 are going to be a landmark moment for US firms striving toward a replacement era of personal commercial spaceflight . While Blue Origin has not divulged its pricing strategy for future trips, a Reuters report in 2018 suggested that the space company was getting to charge passengers a minimum of $200,000 for the ride, supported a market study and other considerations.

"Putting the world's richest man and one among the foremost recognized figures in business into space may be a massive advertisement for space as a website for exploration, industrialization and investment," Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas told clients earlier this month.

The live auction for a seat on Blue Origin’s New Shepard is predicted to start out at 12:45pm EDT (10:45pm IST) and last a couple of minutes. The auction are often watched live at


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