Taiwanese 7-year-old dies after being thrown 27 times during judo class

Taiwanese 7-year-old dies after being thrown 27 times during judo class

A seven-year-old Tawainese boy who was repeatedly thrown to the ground during judo class died Tuesday. The boy, identified by his surname Huang, was admitted to a hospital on April 21 and had been during a coma for 70 days with severe brain haemorrhages, reported press agency AFP. Huang’s parents decided to withdraw his life support after he developed respiratory problems also as multiple organ failure.

The boy’s coach, identified by his surname Ho, reportedly not only directed other judo students to practise their throws on Huang, but he himself threw the boy a dozen more times, consistent with the prosecutors. The boy had complained of a nasty headache but the coach continued throwing him to the ground until he turned pale and have become unresponsive. He was rushed to Feng Yuan Hospital in central Taichung city after the alleged physical assault.

According to Taiwan News, doctors said the boy’s injuries resembled those from a car crash. The severe haemorrhages prompted doctors to perform craniotomy and after the operation, declared that Huang was during a “brain dead state.” Citing Huang’s family, local media reported that the boy was thrown about 27 times. Prosecutors said his head repeatedly hit the ground but didn't specify what percentage times.

"Wish you'll rest in peace in another world and therefore the justice system can finally bring comfort to your family," Taichung city mayor Lu Shiow-yen, who visited the boy in hospital, said during a post on her Facebook page.

Earlier this month, Ho was charged with physical assault leading to serious injuries and using children to commit a criminal offense , prosecutors said during a statement. The accused has denied any wrongdoing saying that “it was a traditional judo lesson. We didn't use inappropriate force and had no concept he sustained grave injuries,” consistent with the prosecutors.

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