She experienced body shaming and apartheid said The Family Man actoress Priyamani

She experienced body shaming and apartheid said The Family Man actoress  Priyamani

Priyamani, who recently appeared within the Family Man , opened about receiving comments about body and complexion .

The Family Man  actoress Priyamani says she has received comments on her dark complexion . The actor, who played Manoj Bajpayee's on-screen wife within the Amazon Prime Video series, said that tons of individuals have commented on her pictures on Instagram regarding her colour.

Priyamani has worked in numerous film industries in India. She has starred in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies before she made her Hindi film debut with Mani Ratnam's Raavan. She also starred in Rakta Charitra II and had a special dance number in Shah Rukh Khan's Chennai Express. Priyamani starred in both the seasons of The Family Man  also .

Speaking with Bollywood Bubble, the actor opened about body shaming and colourism on social media. She said, "There were plenty of times when (she was body shamed.) Honestly speaking, my weight went up to 65 kilos which i did look bigger than what i'm immediately . So plenty of individuals have said, 'oh, you look fat, you look big.' immediately people are saying, 'Why you looking thin, we like you once you were fat.' I'm like, 'hello, structure your mind. you would like me when I'm fat otherwise you wish me when I'm thin?' Being on the larger side or being on the smaller side, it's everyone to himself. Why do i want to body shame people saying, 'oh you're fat, you looking kind of a pig or...' Why do i want to undertake to to that?"

Priyamani added that she has received comments on her complexion also . She said that she has received comments like 'Oh you're looking black, you're looking dark,' 'Your face is white but your legs are black' on her posts. "I mean hello, what is wrong with you? what is wrong in being, albeit i'm a dark-skinned person girl, i don't believe i'm fair, i feel i'm wheatish," she said.

"I said, 'Look, what is wrong , albeit i'm a dark-skinned person, first of all, change your opinion, don't call anybody black because black is gorgeous . Lord Krishna is black in colour, he was beautiful, black is gorgeous . Don't comment like this, albeit you've something, keep it in your mind. Why do i want to spread negativity that 'oh you're fat, oh you're black or things like that? Don't appear the hay ,'" she added.

She said that while people think they receive their one-minute fame, it affects several people.

Priyamani are getting to be seen in numerous projects. she goes to seem in Cyanide and Ajay Devgn's Maidaan.


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