Joe Biden gifts American-made aviators to Putin

Joe Biden gifts American-made aviators to Putin

Joe Biden gave the aviator sunglasses to Putin during their summit in Geneva earlier in the week .

US President Joe Biden gifted his Russian counterpart Putin a pair of custom aviator sunglasses made by an American company during their summit in Geneva in the week , reports have said.

The "Concorde" style aviator sunglasses, which were gifted by Biden, are made by Randolph Engineering Inc within the village of Randolph in Massachusetts. the corporate , founded in 1973 and boasts of its "handcrafted within the USA" credentials, has provided them to the US military and its Nato partners.

CNN cited an unnamed White House official as saying that Randolph joined forces with the US military in 1978 to supply the HGU-4/P Aviator, which was designed for fighter pilots. and therefore the US soldiers buys some 25,000 pairs of flier sunglasses monthly .

Peter Waszkiewicz, head of Randolph Engineering, told AFP he felt "surprise" at seeing the sunglasses his company made become a diplomatic token at a gathering followed the planet over. 

"It was a traditional business day until about after 12:00, when the phones started ringing and therefore the social media went abuzz, then we realized what was happening ," Waszkiewicz told AFP, saying it had been "pretty tense and exciting." "It's pretty amazing, isn't it? I mean how often does a chance like this happen?" he said.

Randolph Engineering also sells sunglasses to the overall public within the us and therefore the aviator look was made famous by the 1980s Tom Cruise movie "Top Gun." Named after the 20th-century supersonic aircraft, a matte black polarized pair sells on the Randolph website for $279.

"President Biden, I'm sure, gave those glasses to President Putin as a logo of our national heritage. And let's hope it is the symbol of peace," Waszkiewicz said.

CNN reported citing the official that US President Biden also gifted Putin a crystal sculpture of an American bison , the national mammal of the US, made by Steuben Glass of latest York.


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