'It means war': China warns United States military ties with Taipei city

'It means war': China warns United States  military ties with Taipei city

China on Wednesday warned the us over increasing military contacts with Taiwan saying that seeking independence of Taiwan means ‘war’. China defence ministry spokesperson Ren Guoqiang said that China believes in its complete reunification and expressed Beijing’s opposition towards Washington-Taipei military ties.

Guoqiang said that China remains firmly against any official exchanges or military contacts between the US and Taiwan and asked Washington to ‘sever all military ties with Taiwan’.

“The complete reunification of China may be a historical necessity and therefore the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is an unstoppable trend. The common aspirations of the people are peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. ‘Taiwan independence’ may be a dead-end road and seeking it means war,” the statement quoting Guoqiang said.

Guoqiang reminded the US to completely understand China’s development and growth by external focus and asked the US to abide by the one-China principle. China considers Taiwan a breakaway province and has recently ramped up political and military pressure.

Taiwan secretary of state Joseph Wu said that the state must steel oneself against a possible military conflict thanks to China’s increasing intimidation tactics. Taiwan reported several incursions into its airspace by Chinese warplanes. 

Guoqiang also said that the People Liberation Army (PLA) dispatched multi-type aircrafts to conduct exercises within the Taiwan Strait. He highlighted that the move was necessary in response to the present situation across the Taiwan Strait and China’s got to safeguard its sovereignty. In retaliation, the US stepped up its support to Taipei.

The G7 leaders issued a press release earlier condemning Beijing over its human rights abuses and highlighted the necessity for peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. The United States Navy continues to conduct transits through the Taiwan Strait on a monthly basis.

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