Indonesian doctor fell ill, many death after taking China's Sinovac shot: Report

Indonesian doctor fell ill, many death after taking China's Sinovac shot: Report

In an unfortunate turn of events, doctors and front health workers at the center of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) management in Indonesia are themselves turning sick, with many of them dead, after being administered the Chinese vaccine -- Sinovac. 

In a report carried by the ny Times on Friday, the Indonesian Medical Association attested that a minimum of 20 doctors who have died within the country since the pandemic began were fully vaccinated with Sinovac Biotech, the Chinese-made vaccine. The vaccination status of as many as 31 others who gave up the ghost within the last five months is currently being looked into.

Among the general public health professionals who died after being vaccinated with Sinovac was Dr. Suhendro Sastrowiwoho, a frontline medical worker at the town of Kudus in Java. Although he had received a double dose of the Chinese-made vaccine, he died just days after testing positive for Covid-19 on June 18, the NYT report stated. Two nurses and a nutritionist, all of who had been fully vaccinated, also died this month within the same town.

Indonesia, it seems, may be a case study for a nation where the new Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus confirmed a number of the foremost morbid apprehensions of the scientific community -- the failing efficacy of certain vaccines in handling particular strains. An efficacy assessment earlier this year among Indonesia's health workers had indicated Sinovac's success against death from infection, but its effect on the Delta variant has not been studied much.

As many as 358 medical workers, who were fully vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine, have tested positive for Covid-19 during a two-week span within the village of Kudus, the NYT report stated, citing the danger mitigation team of the Indonesian Doctors Association. but 5% of Indonesia's total population has currently been vaccinated, although the inoculation campaign started way back in January. of these who are vaccinated, most received doses of Sinovac, which is now being believed to be less effective against certain Covid-19 variants.

Not just Indonesia, other countries like Mongolia, Seychelles, and Bahrain who had relied on the easily accessible Chinese Covid-19 vaccines, also are battling a surge in infections now, reported NYT, adding that these also are among the highest 10 countries with the worst Covid-19 outbreaks as recently as last week.

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