Immunity from infection or COVID-19

Immunity from infection or COVID-19

While governments round the world try to vaccinate the utmost number of people to supply immunity against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), many anti-vaccine advocates are discouraging people from getting vaccinated, arguing that immunity from infection is usually stronger than vaccination. Covid cases have sharply declined in countries with high vaccination coverage but anti-vaxxers claim that such immunity might not last very long.

Melissa Floyd, a self-described "informed consent advocate" and co-host of "The Vaccine Conversation" podcast, wrote on Twitter that innate immunity from infection always lasts longer than the immunity induced by vaccines. “For the few [vaccines] that last 10-15 years, natural antibodies would have lasted a lifetime (or on the brink of it). There has never been a pathogen where artificial immunity outperformed innate immunity ,” tweeted Floyd.

Disinformation campaigns to undermine public confidence in Covid vaccines have surged online and authorities are facing an onerous task to fight vaccine hesitancy. Quoting experts, USA Today said that both infection and vaccination are protective against coronavirus and scientists are yet to reach a conclusion whether vaccine-induced immunity lasts longer than the innate immunity given the limited time of virus’ existence.

Citing studies, virologist Sabra Klein told Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health that folks who are infected can benefit significantly from vaccination. On the question of vaccine-induced immunity and innate immunity , Klein stressed that vaccines are tested for his or her safety in ways in which “we could never do with a natural virus infection .”

“With infection, you don’t skills bad it’s getting to be. By not getting vaccinated, you’re rolling the dice. you'll become severely ill. you'll need to be hospitalized. you'll die,” Klein added.

Highlighting the danger of long Covid, the virologist said that a teenage girl who got Covid didn’t have tons of symptoms initially but now “she has all of the symptoms of long Covid”. “A year later, she is trying to take care of a somewhat normal teenage life with profound fatigue. She has never recovered fully from having Covid,” Klein was quoted as saying.

“The claim that immunity from infection is usually stronger than immunity from vaccines is [partly false], supported our research. While innate immunity tends to last longer than vaccine immunity, experts say it depends on the pathogen,” said USA Today.

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