How CCTV footage of Former health secretary Matt Hancock leaked to the press, Britain investigated

How CCTV footage of Former health secretary Matt Hancock leaked to the press, Britain investigated

Britain’s health ministry has announced plans to research how the CCTV footage of former health secretary Matt Hancock embracing his aide was leaked to the press, Reuters reported on Sunday.

Conservative Party Member of Parliament Brandon Lewis said the department are going to be launching an indoor investigation into the interest determine how the footage, which captured the previous health secretary and his aide Gina Coladangelo embracing within the halls of Whitehall, was leaked.

“It may be a matter i do know the department of health are going to be looking into to know exactly how that recording ... got out of the system," Lewis told Reuters.

Hancock’s party colleague also said that the disgraced minister had accepted his mistake and duly apologised, but his actions had rendered his position indefensible, removing attention from the government’s wider efforts to combat the continued pandemic.

"What Matt did was wrong, he acknowledged that, it's why he apologised immediately for his behaviour and acknowledged what he did was wrong,” Lewis said.

“It's ultimately why he's taken the choice that his position was untenable and distracting from the broader work we all need to do ... to maneuver out of the pandemic," he added.

Hancock resigned on Saturday after being accused of breaking coronavirus restrictions his ministry had imposed at the time of the incident in early May when a deadly mutant strain of the virus was in circulation, and other people living in separate households were banned from initiating intimate contact.

The opposition Labour Party slammed Hancock for breaking coronavirus restrictions, raised questions on appointment processes within the government and therefore the use of taxpayer’s money in ruminating government personnel after news emerged of Hancock and Coladangelo being university friends.

Hancock on his part apologised to the overall public for breaching “the social-distancing guidance”. He was replaced by Sajid Javid, former chancellor of the exchequer, marking the second status exit within the Boris Johnson-led government.

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