First Covid19 case reported in China in October 2019: Study

First Covid19 case reported in China in October 2019: Study

SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes the coronavirus disease or Covid-19, emerged in China between early October and mid-November, before the officially accepted timeline of early December 2019, a replacement study has revealed. "Results infer that SARS-CoV-2 emerged in China in early October to mid-November, and by January, had spread globally," a study by researchers of Britain's University of Kent said. "The model suggests a possible timing of the primary case of COVID-19 in China as November 17," the research paper that was published within the PLOS Pathogens journal said.

The study suggested a way earlier and more rapid spread of the contagion than is clear from the confirmed cases. This comes after a scientific paper released on Wednesday revealed that over a dozen of coronavirus test sequences that were obtained during the first months of the pandemic were deleted from a world database wont to track the evolution of the virus.

The report was authored by Jesse Bloom, a virologist and evolutionary biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer research facility in Seattle.

Critics reiterated that the deletion of the info from the international database shows China's further plan to cover the origin of Covid-19. "Why would scientists ask international databases to delete key data that informs us about how Covid-19 began in Wuhan?" asked Alina Chan, a researcher with Harvard's Broad Institute, on Twitter. "That's the question you'll account yourselves," Chan added.

The first official case of Covid-19 in China was recorded to possess occurred in December 2019 and was linked to Wuhan's Huanan seafood market. However, some early cases had shown no known reference to Huanan, implying that the virus was already circulating before it reached the market.

The data within the report by Bloom showed that samples taken from the seafood market were " not representative" of SARS-CoV-2 as an entire and were a variant of the progenitor sequence that was in circulation earlier and spread to other parts of China.

Moreover, a joint study published by China and therefore the World Health Organization (WHO) in March-end also acknowledged that there could are sporadic human infections before the Wuhan outbreak in December 2019.

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