Delta variant wreaking havoc in France, Germany

Delta variant wreaking havoc in France, Germany

Delta variant of coronavirus which was first found in India has been traced in other countries witnessing a surge in such cases. As of Wednesday, the Delta variant raised concerns in countries like France, Germany and Norway.

The highly transmissible variant which the experts have termed to be more infectious than other variants is liable for a minimum of 9-10% of the entire new confirmed cases in France, officials said. this is often in sharp contrast to 2-4% of the cases seen last week in France.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal on Wednesday said that France is on a await countries which will convince be risky, adding Russia to the list.

Russia had been added to the list of nations considered by France as “high-risk” Covid zones, along side Namibia and Seychelles, Attal said.

Germany is that the second country on Wednesday to possess upped its guard against the Delta Variant as Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the country shouldn't risk what it's achieved in its fight against the virus amid an increase in Delta variant cases.

"Germany's coronavirus infection levels are encouraging but cases of the Delta variant are rising and therefore the country should exercise judgment so as to not risk what it's achieved," Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday.

"The pandemic isn't over yet. We are still on thin ice," she told lawmakers within the Bundestag lower house of parliament.

The third country on a lookout for cases driven by Delta variant is Norway. The health minister Bent Høie on Wednesday said the Covid-19 variant can become dominant in Norway next month.

Hawaii within the US has signalled trouble thanks to the variant on Wednesday, confirmed the community spread of Covid-19 Delta variant.

The island state has recorded two cases on Oahu and one on the large Island involving travel from the US mainland. One case involves an Oahu resident with no travel history. The state Department of Health said it's “investigating to work out the extent of household and community transmission.”

Acting State Epidemiologist Dr Sarah Kemble said of the four cases, just one person was vaccinated. Health experts say vaccines remain effective against the variant. Hawaii's vaccination rate is 57%.

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